Sunday, 9 May 2021

Nigerian Man Renounces 1st Son Position in Official Letter to Dad, Reveals Why He Wants to Be the Last Son

A Nigerian man identified as Ifeanyi Onukwubiri has written an official letter to his father in which he renounced his position as the first son of the family. Ifeanyi Onulwubiri says the first son position is a setback to him. Photo credit: Lanre Yahya. 

 According to the letter dated May 7, 2021, Ifeanyi said the position of the first son increases his family problems. The man said the position is a total liability to him, a setback and a thorn in his flesh. According to him, his immediate younger brother named Ikenna can take the position if he so desires. 

In his words: "The position is a total liability to me, a setback and a thorn in my flesh, hence I am writing to formally inform you that I have renounced my position as your first son and I am willing to allow my immediate younger brother, Ikenna to take over the position if he so desires. "By this letter, I am also relinquishing all my entitlements and heritage as your first son to Ikenna and Victor and they are free to treat these entitlements as they wish. "I will therefore plead that going forward I should no longer be addressed as the first son of your family, I am willing to become the last born if possible."

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