Monday, 24 May 2021

Pics: Dominican Singer Gets Social Media Talking After He Weds Whilst Wearing A T-Shirt And Ripped Pants


Dominican singer, Nfasis got social media talking after he got married whilst wearing a T-shirt and ripped shorts.

Though he was supposed to go all out and dress to kill in a tuxedo or a black-tie, Nfasis decided to defy all odds.

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Not only was he casually dressed for his big day,  he also wore a straight face during the whole wedding ceremony.


While Nfasis decided to rock his ripped jeans and t-shirt, his wife, Diana Vargas de Garcia, was fully dressed in a wedding gown with a veil and flowers.

Their daughters, who served as bridesmaids,  were also dressed to perfection.

His wedding photographs have since gone viral on social media.

His dress code has divided opinion with people arguing on whether it is acceptable for the groom to turn up at their own wedding dressed casually like Nfasis. Here are some of the reactions from social media after he posted his wedding photos;

Belle Reine Noire

Reasons why I’ll never have a wedding, too many opinions on what should be their happy day. I’ll skip the wedding and keep the marriage.

Janine Renee

But Granny house shoes though. It’s a no for me. But she looks happy. It already happened so no one’s thoughts or opinions really matter anyway 😒

Jacque Wallace

I wouldn’t but she married them and she said that’s my man and I’m a stick by him she loved him enough to let him be comfortable in his own shoes and he loved her enough to let her have the wedding that she wanted.

Jonay Campbell 

It seems like the attire is his “style” which is whatever..but did he have to look so bewildered? Damn I know he’s a comedian but everything ain’t a ~kooky joke~. Smile and stop making all them goofass faces.

Shawna Lewis Simmons

This just show that he is comfortable in his skin and she accept him for who he is.

Sherry Stallworth Jamison

Totally unacceptable for an elegant wedding….his expression on his face tells a story. He does not want this!

Ebony Foster

You can’t even show up to court dressed like this & he chose to show up to his wedding in this. That would speak volumes to me, but she looks happy & he looks like he showed up 🤷🏾‍♀️.

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