Sunday, 9 May 2021

Video: Kariba Woman Gives Birth Outside Clinic As “Nurses Were On Lunch Break”


Video: Kariba Woman Gives Birth Outside Clinic As “Nurses Were On Lunch Break”

After nurses at Nyamhunga Clinic in Kariba reportedly turned a woman away arguing they were on lunch break recently, the latter gave birth in the full glare of onlookers outside the medical centre.

According to some sources, the middle-aged woman was turned away for not wearing a face mask as required under Covid-19 regulations when she visited the clinic, and the nurses instructed her to go and fetch before they could attend to her New Zimbabwe reports.

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However, she was already experiencing labor pains and begged the nurses to be attended to her until she was forced to deliver in the open.

The shocking incident was last week the talk of the resort town as a video, captured by an onlooker, of the woman being assisted by a male nurse while at the clinic’s yard, went viral on social media. 

In the video footage, the nurse is seen cutting the umbilical cord and wrapping the newly-born baby with a cloth before whisking both the baby and the mother into the local council-run clinic.

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The publication also reports that Kariba mayor George Masendu professed ignorance over the incident when he was contacted for comment.

In other news, iHarare had reported that a top psychologist in Zimbabwe has warned that sex toys are destroying marriages in the country.  

Dr. Kudakwashe Muchena’s warning comes at a time when there has been an increase in the popularity of the toys in Zimbabwe. The Healthtimes reports that an Online Sex Toy Shop was recently licensed. Other distributors of pleasure toys have been using social media to market and sell their wares.

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