Sunday 27 June 2021

I Used To Think That Light-skinned Women Were More Beautiful – Caroline Igben


Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Caroline Areoghene Igben, has bemoaned some of the disadvantages of having dark skin in the circle of fair and beautiful movie divas.

In a recent interview, the Delta State indigene gave insights on the major reasons she would not dare tamper with her skin colour, despite the ‘bleaching’ trend.

She said, “when I was younger I used to think that light-skinned women were more beautiful but right now I walk with a certain awareness and I’m very confident. I love my skin colour a lot.
Caroline Igben

 Although, I had lost some movie roles because I am dark-skinned but it didn’t push me to bleach. This was because I had certain people in my life who made me feel super beautiful. But I sincerely, I think with maturity and self-awareness comes certain confidence of knowing who you are and how people’s opinions on what they consider beautiful shouldn’t faze you. Black is super beautiful.”

On her sexual harassment experience in the industry, Ms. Igben maintained that no producer can forcefully make her go on a date with a clause attached.
“Sex for movie roles is a thing that I hear a lot but haven’t experienced. What I have experienced is maybe after getting a job and I’m done with it, I have gotten offers to say can we go out on a date (lunch, dinner ), etc and I see it like just a man trying to get to know you, and whatever their intentions were, I can’t say but you definitely can’t be forced to date someone you are uninterested in. So, if my ‘No I can’t go on a date with you won’t make you give me a job again then clearly you can move with your work.”

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