Saturday, 26 June 2021

Tour De France Hit By "Worst Crash Ever Seen" After "Idiot" Bumps Into Cyclist


Stage 1 of the Tour de France between Brest and Landerneau has been severely disrupted after there was a massive crash caused by a roadside supporter with a sign

A massive crash has severely disrupted the opening stage of the Tour de France.

Riders were travelling between Brest and Landerneau when the colossal pile-up occurred.

The incident happened after Jumbo-Visma rider Tony Martin hit a supporters' sign.

The supporter was holding the sign out above the road and didn't seem to be looking at the cyclists. 

Martin couldn't avoid the outstretched sign and looked visibly concerned as he realised what was about to happen.

He careered straight into the cardboard message before coming off his bike and tumbling to the ground.

The 36-year-old fell right into the path of an oncoming rider, who almost ran over his head.

Martin's fall produced a domino effect which rippled through the tightly-bunched peloton, causing dozens more riders to hit the deck.

An aerial shot appeared to show upwards of 20 riders and their bikes sprawled across the asphalt.

Although some competitors remounted their bikes, at least one rider decided to abandon the race entirely.

The crash happened on the opening stage of the Tour de France, which runs for 21 days until July 18.


The race continued when they got up gradually

The riders involved are setting off again gradually.


Tour de France

⏱The crash shook up the race, but the group are coming back and we now have a peloton trailing �� @IdeSchelling by 1'29"


Tour de France

Team DSM rider Jasha Sütterlin (from Germany) was one of those who chose to retire from the event.

�� @JashaStterlin abandons.


Tour de France

Tony Martin was heavily injured.

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