Saturday, 26 June 2021

University Don blames parents for moral decadence among young people


A lecturer at the University of Lokoja, Professor Peace David Irefin has accused parents of living lives that expose their children to crime.

Speaking at a seminar in Calabar, Cross River Stare, Prof Irefin regretted the attitudes of parents when it comes to bringing up their children.

The former international president of the Universal Women Fellowship of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star said wrong family values have bred criminals and other societal vermins in the country.

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“This led us to rebellion, wild behaviour, permissiveness which compounds the perilous times adding that the dearth of moral leaders in the country has contributed to corruption, youths restiveness, killings and disobedience. 

‘There is much suffering, violence and killings today due to moral bankruptcy. There is a deterioration of moral values from family units, to groups and country as a whole so that the country is now badly affected”, she said

In her presentation, the Deputy Director at Nigeria Defence Academy, Dr Emem Ayankop dwelt on the role of mothers in the society.

She asked mothers to pay total attention to their onerous duties as it shapes humanity, stressing that the role of women or mothers is divine and pivotal and rubs off on their offsprings.

She said it is the women or mothers who make the world a better place.

“In this age of juvenile delinquency, internet dating, indecent dressing, permissiveness, waywardness and alarming rate of drug abuse, it is important that the home environment is warm and welcoming. A good mother ensures that the child has such a welcoming home. A good mother is a role model to her children and the Society.”

She appealed to mothers to inculcate greater values on their children to impact the society and emphasised that mothers are the first teachers the children have and they never go off duty from when they are formed in the womb even till when they become adults.”

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