Tuesday 27 July 2021

6 Things Holding You Back From Personal Growth ...which Is Yours?

 Psychology says that six major things can hold from human beings from personal growth. Which is your poison?

1. Relationship:
Your current relationship circle does not understand or support your growth.

2. Trauma:
You are unable to grow because your past trauma is blocking you. And are, therefore, stuck in a merry go round.

3. Fear:
You are afraid of judgment or failure in your new direction. 

4. Patterns:
These are your daily habits, the way you act around people, especially your friends. Your daily patterns and your habits are what sums up your life. What you do every day becomes your yearly habit and if the pattern is not broken, one won't make much progress in life. We become what the choices we make and what we do every day.

5. Resources and Resourcefulness:
You have a lack of necessary resources to make a change. While lack of resources could be a challenge, lack of resourcefulness is way worse. Give a resourceful man 500k, and he will build a business worth 5 million in 5 years. Give an unresourceful man 5million, and he will be lucky to have a business worth 500k in 5 years.

6. Beliefs:
" As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is"

You can't grow more than your belief system, and you cannot become what you do not believe in.

Pre-existing beliefs are preventing you from taking action. It's better than making a decision and failing, than regretting the decision you never took. But ensure you do diligent research and count the cost.


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