Thursday, 22 July 2021

Detained By A Police Officer For Using Her Left Hand


So yesterday on my way back to Ibadan from abk, I was stopped my men of the NPF for no tangible reason. A female police officer asked for my papers. So I gave them to her, only to be told that I cannot use my left hand to give her something and I should switch to my right hand.

For context and to emphasise how utterly ridiculous this was, this woman is in my age group. Told her I am left-handed and if it makes her more comfortable, she can collect the papers with her left hand as I really don't care. Mama insisted I switched to my right hand by force.

Of course I didn't budge so next thing I'm hearing is I don't have home training and she will give it to me��. Of course my head sparked and things escalated from there. I asked her if she was a law enforcement officer or a yoruba culture enforcer, cos make it make sense. 

She eventually collected my papers and drivers licence with her left hand and held on to them for over 40mins. Her colleagues kept telling her if there was nothing wrong with my papers she should give me and let me go, but mama's inner coconut head did not gree.
Kept telling me what am I feeling like? Who do I think I am? She has four kids and I'm not even fine sef�

It was amazing to behold.

Anyways, as the coconut head that I am, I told her I know my rights and she is a bully and I won't take it. She kept insisting I will sleep there.

Kept threatening to beat me up, kept saying all sorts of things to me, even said she is sure that I cannot have husband. It was an amazing show of shameless unprofessional conduct. Unfortunately she wasn't even wearing a name tag on her uniform.
Anyways I stood there and kept telling her she is a bully and I'm.not going to take it. Eventually, her male colleague intervened and I got my papers and licence back. As I entered my car to drive off, the policewoman legit stuck out her tongue at me��

It was an experience.

Anyway, the whole point of this is that the @PoliceNG cannot be reformed. Disband them and give us state police. Thank you so much for coming to my TED talk.

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