Friday, 23 July 2021

Girlfriend Of Man Killed During EndSARS Says His ‘Ghost’ Gave Her His Password


Derin, girlfriend of young man killed during EndSARS protest, Okechukwu Nathaniel has taken to Twitter to narrate an encounter she had with his ghost, IgbereTV reports.

Oke was stabbed to death by hoodlums who attacked his home during the EndSARS protest on October 21, 2020.

Derin said that few days after her boyfriend passed away before he was laid to rest she needed his SuperHI password and mysteriously got it in her dream.

Affirming that spirituality is real and unexplainable, Derin also recounted how after Oke’s death he visited her to bid her final farewell.

She wrote on Twitter; 

“After Oke passed (before he was laid to rest), I needed his SuperHi password and I asked him. Anyway, I slept for a few hours and I got it. I can(t) explain how but I’m not making this up. Spirituality is real and unexplainable.

I have a lot more stories. From how I saw that something was about to happen to how he came around to say goodbye after passing the night before we identified his body. Whenever I think of these things, I randomly wonder what on earth. These are no coincidences”.

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