Wednesday, 28 July 2021

The Government Didn't Ban History In Schools


When I read online that the federal government banned the teaching of History in schools because it didn't want Igbos to read about the Nigerian Civil War, I believed it hook, line and sinker, even though I am a northerner.

I little bit of research would have made me realized the truth, but I was ignorant. I believed what other people said without finding out if they were right or wrong.

A school I was recently employed to teach Computer Studies wrote NECO exam, and the subject was History. I felt so stupid when I saw the question paper. If the government banned history, why is NECO, a government examination body allowing people to write History?

What I noticed over the years is that students don't like history because the subject is bulky. There are lots of dates and events to cram in history, and most students don't want to stress their brains.

I asked around today, and I realized that even though my school doesn't offer History as a subject, other schools do. Students from other schools that didn't have a NECO center, registered to write the exam in mine. 

From the look of things, it is up to schools to decide if they want to offer history as a subject or not. This has got me thinking. What other lies have I been believing?

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