Thursday, 12 August 2021

Stop building luxurious mansions in your villages – Actor Sam Nnabuike to Igbos


Nollywood actor, Sam Nnabuike has expressed his dissatisfaction towards the culture of Igbos building mansions in their hometowns.

In a series of posts shared on his Insta stories, Sam Nnabuike who stated that the culture is common among the Igbo people of Nigeria stated that it is not a smart thing to do.

According to the Nollywood actor, if anyone is not considering running for public office, such a person has no business building a multi-million naira mansion in his village.

Sam Nnabuike wrote on his Instagram page;


“In my understanding, AKU RUO UNO is selflessly giving a helping hand to your kinsmen, helping the needy and weak in your paternal/maternal communities, providing succor for the widows, and ultimately helping to put your hometown on the map positively.

“I am not saying don’t build houses in your hometown or villages. No, that’s far from it. Build a moderate home of 4 to 6 bedroom bungalow or duplex where you and your family can always run into when you visit your hometown.

“If you aren’t looking to run for politics in the nearest future as a wealthy man. You have no business building a multi-million naira mansion in your hometown. Period.”

Recall that Sam Nnabuike had earlier appealed to Igbo mothers to kindly desist from heaping pressure on their daughters to bring home wealthy suitors for marriage.

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