Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Trump Supporter Says She Won't Get The Covid-19 Vaccine Because She Is A Goat


Donald Trump was booed at a rally in Alabama after he told his supporters to get vaccinated. Mr Trump said that he had been vaccinated and he urged his supporters to also get vaccinated.

One of his supporters was interviewed and she said that she didn't believe that Mr Trump had been vaccinated and she also said that God was using the vaccine issue to separate the goats from the sheep.

Trump supporter: I think it is time when God is separating the sheep from the goats.

Reporter: What are you? 

Trump supporter: I am a. . .goat, cos I ain't a sheep. I'm not doing what they are telling me to do. I'm fighting against it.

See the 2:48 minute for Trump's message to his supporters that they should get the vaccine and 3:52 for the woman's statement that she is a goat.


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