Saturday 4 September 2021

Adekunle Gold Threatens To Destroy His & Simi’s Marriage Certificate With Soda


This afternoon, AG baby almost destroyed his marriage certificate with soda (mineral) over an Instagram account mixup.

He made a resolution to destroy his Marriage Certificate after assuming his wife, Simi had blocked and unfollowed him on Instagram. As seen in the screenshot shared by Simi, Adekunle Gold wanted confirmation before he carried out his plan.

He asked Simi if she unfollowed him and why. He didn’t give her the opportunity to respond before he realized it was a mistake on his part and a little from Instagram. From the photo he sent, it was a different account that wasn’t following him, but Simi was following.

AG apologized to Simi for the mixup and promised her he will always calm down before jumping to conclusions.

Simi laughed it off and told her followers that it felt like it happened to someone else. Hmmmmm 

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