Friday 24 September 2021

'I Am Not A Nigerian. I Was Paid To Protest' – African-American In New York


African America acknowledge of being paid by Nigeria Government to Protest in New York. This where Nigeria Money are been spend, dollars paid to hire African Americans to protest in support of Nigeria Government. In the Video the protesters confess of knowing nothing about Nigeria but were hired to support the Government.

In a video shared by a US based journalist, Jackson Udeh, the African-American man confessed that he is not from Nigeria and he doesn’t even have a clearer picture of what exactly is happening in Nigeria. Adding that he was paid to join the protest.

The African-American said when asked why he is holding a placard written “Nigerian Christian not Targets of Genocide or Ethnic Cleansing”, he said; 

“This is protesting for Nigeria”,
“If anybody is black, I’ll protest for them. Let me tell you something, me, I protest for everybody. I don’t care if it’s white, black, I protest to help everybody”, there is a lot of information going round here and a lot of people are twisting it.”

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