Tuesday 7 September 2021

Moriah Mills: I Don't Have Female Friends Because Their Partners Always Want Me


A curvy bombshell has revealed that she has never had any female friends because their partners always fancy her.

Moriah Mills, 27, from New York, US, believes that she’s never had a gal pal because their boyfriends and husbands "all want to date her".

And, she certainly makes the most out of her appearance as Moriah rakes in $300,000 (£217,000) every month.

Moriah claims to be more than happy in her own company and she also has her 90,000 Instagram followers to keep her busy, @thisismoriahmills.

The young woman explained: “It’s always been me, myself and I, being a bit of a loner and preferring my own company.

“I don’t really trust people and I don’t worry that I haven’t got a best friend.

"I used to care but now I just love myself. 

"Most females have been judgemental about me because their husbands and boyfriends want me.

"I'm super nice but maybe they feel that I’m conceited because of my looks.

"They couldn't be more wrong. I’m very down to earth."

Moriah said: “It never bothered me very much, I worked hard and although there were people that I liked and would speak to I wasn’t close to them.

“I never trusted people enough to get close to them.”

Moriah is also a singer and rapper and says that people are surprised to learn she didn’t have many friends.

She said: “Working in the music industry and being a model, people always think I’m going to have this big entourage, but I don’t.

Most of the people that I’m friendly with now are guys but I wouldn’t call them up for dinner and drinks to hang out." 

Moriah continued: “I’m trying to trust people more, which may lead to a friendship eventually but I’m really not bothered.

“I work for myself and I have my super cute dog, Charlie. That’s all I need.”

And, Moriah’s not the only youngster who lives a more solitary life.

A YouGov poll from 2019 found that 22% of millennials (anyone between the ages of 25 - 40) said they had no friends and 27% of them reported having “no close friends”.

Luckily for Moriah she has plenty of dates to keep her company!

She said: “I love romance and being wined and dined.

"I never have a shortage of male admirers to take me out.”



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