Tuesday 7 September 2021

Olawepo Hashim Praises Military's Offensive Against Bandits


Olawepo Hashim ask critical question, as he praises military offensive against bandits*

A former presidential candidate, Mr Gbenga Olawepo Hashim has asked a critical question, "who is going to manage the ungovernable spaces in Nigeria after the military offensive stops", as he commends the armed forces offensive.

The global business man, who recognized ongoing efforts at the national assembly to enact laws creating state police said that the critical aspect of the law on local government police must be considered for the ongoing efforts to make desired effect. 

Full statement.


The offensive carried out by the Armed Forces in Zamfara and other spots in Northwest Nigeria is a welcomed development and must be supported. The questions that keep agitating my mind remain; what is going to happen in the ungoverned spaces when the offensive stops? Who is going to manage the ungoverned spaces?

That is why the decentralization of policing function to Local and State Governments is important. Thankfully, the House of Representatives has already kick-started a process in that direction by sponsoring a bill which has attained second reading. But I am not sure it covers the necessity for policing at the Local Government level which is most crucial to tackling insecurity in the country. 

There has been a disdain for that tier of Government especially by administrators of State Governments. We must also up our game in the Sahel countries of Chad, Mali, Niger and Libya by making sure we control migration and reduce the inflow of arm bearing migrants, who have occasionally destabilized North West Nigeria and mixing with peaceful Nomads who are doing legitimate businesses in the North East, North Central and in some parts of Southern Nigeria.

Ultimately, a new security architecture is needed, far beyond what can be discussed on Facebook. Once again, kudos to the Armed Forces.



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