Saturday 4 September 2021

Reno Omokri: “It’s a man’s duty to cook and clean”

 Popular socio-political critic and former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has advised men to take up the responsibility of raising their kids, and not leave it solely to their wives.

He stated that it is the man’s duty to cook, clean, and take care of kids.

In recent times, the discussion on if men are to engage in domestic chores or the work is to be left for the women, has been dominating the social media space.

Reno Omokri has now taken to his Twitter page to share his thoughts on the topic as he stated that God ordered men to “Do the work” and women were only created to help him with the work. He wrote; 


“It was Adam, the man, that God ordered to do the work on Earth-Genesis 2:15. The woman, Eve, was created by God to help him-Genesis 2:20. God did NOT create Eve to do the work for Adam. Women are created to be HELPERS, not WORK HORSES. Therefore, every work, including cooking, cleaning, dish washing, shopping for groceries and most importantly, child raising, is the man’s work. The woman is to HELP the man, not replace him as the person commanded by God to do the work. It is not manly to leave your wife to do all that work. It is a disobedience to a direct command from God!”

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