Friday 29 October 2021

My Girlfriend Cheated Yet I Want To Continue With The Relationship


Please I will try to be brief.

I started dating her in 2017,we dated for 3yrs and I traveled outside the country in 2020.
We didn't have any problems and I was serious about getting married to her.
When I was leaving she promised not to have another boyfriend and to wait for me(she is 24). I promised not to disappoint her.
It was going well for sometime until after one year, we had a quarrel and separated.

About 3 months ago,we got back together, and she said she was still intact and waiting for me.
We started communicating regularly, but I noticed that each time were talking, she would be receiving calls frequently, after sometime, I confronted her with it, she lied that he was her customer. But I called the guy and found out he is a guy that was chinking her before.
She later admitted that she dated the guy when we had quarrels. She also admitted to going to night clubs that period.

I still love her, but I'm pained because she cheated, lied about it and was reluctant about coming out of that relationship.
I'm also thinking of continuing the relationship because I have been outside for 2year now, it happened when we quarreled and she has agreed to stop it.
Readers ,do you think I should quit the relationship or go ahead with marriage plans.

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