Friday 29 October 2021

US: Man PUNCHES Woman In The Face After She Told Him To 'take A Chill Pill'(Vid)


DERANGED MAN riding subway with his kids PUNCHES woman in the face after she told him to 'take a chill pill' as violent crime on NYC trains soars

A viral video shows the moment a man taking the subway with his children in tow socks a woman in her face for telling him to 'take a chill pill' in the latest violent attack on a straphanger in crime-plagued New York City.

'Tell me to take a chill pill!' the man roars at the woman in the video . 'Say the word "chill pill!"'
'Chill pill,' she replies, looking him defiantly in the eye.

The deranged dad then bashes her in the face with a right hook, evoking gasps from other passengers on the packed subway train as crime on the transit system has soared by nearly 60 percent in one month.

It is unclear what preceded the attack in the video, which was deleted by its original poster on TikTok, but was viewed nearly 2.5 million times since it was reshared on Twitter on Wednesday.

The original poster wrote that the man was already agitated when he got onto the train, telling other passengers to 'gtfo out of him & his kid's way.' 

One thing is certain: the man's victim told him to take a chill pill, then does so again when the man tells her to 'say it to [his] face now.'

'All [the woman] said was he needs a chill pill & his kids repeated it to him and it was just up from there,' the original poster captioned the TikTok video capturing the attack.

The NYPD is investigating the incident and said that the unknown victim had not reported the assault, according to the New York Post.

Earlier this month, NYPD Inspector Raymond Porteous told the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board that there was an 'uptick in overall crime' within the city's subway system, according to CBSN New York.

The 'uptick' is actually a massive 58.6 percent increase in major crimes in September compared to August, including a shocking 88 percent increase in grand larcenies and a 50 percent increase in felony assaults.

There were 96 grand larcenies within the subway system last month compared to 64 in August and 55 in July. Smaller robberies jumped by 18 percent last month, too, to 52 incidents from 44 in August.

Throughout the city, felony assaults are up 7.7 percent from the same time last year, and misdemeanor assaults are up 6.1 percent.

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