Sunday 14 November 2021

What Is The Size Of God?

 So, one day, a boy asked his father, "dad, what's the size of God?". The dad looked up and saw an aeroplane flying, and he asked his son in return, "Son, what's the size of that aeroplane flying up there?" To which the son replied, "It is so small".

The father asked his boy to enter the car and drove him to a nearby airport, where he saw several aeroplanes. When the dad asked him again, "What's the size of an aeroplane, son?" His response was "It is so big dad"

So, the dad explained, "So it is with God. The size of God you see is determined by how close you are to Him. If you want God to be real and much obvious, then you have to get closer to Him" 

My friends, this is a good opportunity to know the LORD much more than ever before. Today is the day you should make the decision to get closer to God so He can become real and much obvious to you.

The first step to getting closer to Him is to accept His free gift of salvation, which is Jesus Christ. Once you embrace Jesus Christ into your life to become your LORD and Savior, He cleanse your sins and make you worthy of moving closer to a Holy God.

What should you do? Simply ask Jesus Christ for mercy and forgiveness of your sins, and to come into your life to become your Lord indeed.

If you need more information, you can always reach out. Jesus loves you. God bless you.

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