Tuesday 25 January 2022

16-year-old Nigerian boy converts his bicycle to okada, reveals how much he spent


A 16-year-old boy Adewale Quoyim, has turned into reality what many may think can only be achieved in ones imagination.

The teenager converted his bicycle into a motorcycle all by himself and it uses generator engine.

Speaking in an interview with BBC News Pidgin, Adewale said people told him he cannot use a generator engine as a motorbike engine.

Though he initially felt disappointed on hearing said information, his father nevertheless encouraged him to push further with his planned innovation.

Now that the Senior Secondary School 3 (SS3) student is riding his creation, he said the same people are surprised that he made it work. 

According to young Adewale, he started learning mechanical work when he became an apprentice at the age of 10.

Adewale revealed that that thought of converting his bike came up when he needed a motorbike but could not afford one.

He dismantled a generator set and used it to carry out his project. The way the motorbike is set up, half engine of the set is sitting at the pedal, the tank is placed between the bicycle seat and the handrail.

The teenage boy revealed that that he spent a total of N30,000 for the conversion and bought the engine as a scrap.

Watch the interview HERE

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