Monday 24 January 2022

Humility Does Not Pay - Rapper, MI Abaga Insists


Jude Abaga, the Nigerian rapper also known as MI, has said that having experimented with humility for over a decade, he has found out that humility does not work, so people should ‘carry their shoulders up’.

During the week, Abaga had written on Twitter, “Having experimented with humility for over a decade within these shores, I am here to report my findings. It doesn’t work here. Carry your shoulder hop (sic).”

Though many felt the statement reeked of arrogance, the rapper stuck to his guns.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “Don’t be humble. It does not work. How many humble artistes are ‘big’? Who are the big artistes and who are the humble ones? I don’t want to grant an interview now. I just made the post for fun.” 

However, the post attracted diverse comments. Ezeqwesiri wrote, “Stay humble. Don’t let motivational talks swindle you. Humility opens doors.”

Another follower, Forlahbee wrote, “I don’t think humility is the word he (MI) wanted to use.”

Agreeing with the rapper, a follower, Riccoten, wrote, “I wholeheartedly agree! People will trample on you.”

Fashionmagicblog commented, “You can be humble and know how to still carry yourself with pride.”

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