Sunday 23 January 2022

“The moment you hug someone, covenant has been made, you don finish” – Mummy G.O makes shocking revelation (Video)


Mummy G.O makes a shocking revelation on the implication of hug.

Funmilayo Adebayo a.k.a Mummy G.O, a controversial preacher, makes a shocking statement about the unknown sacredness of hugs.

While preaching to her large congregation, Ogun State, the founder of the Mountain of Solution ministry, illuminated the spiritual implications of hugs.

According to her, during hugs, two people’s chests come together, and inside the chest is the heart, so the moment the two chests meet, a heart-to-heart covenant is established.

Evangelist Funmi confirmed that she is speaking about the Law of Lust in the Kingdom of Darkness.

Check out the video below:


Reacting to this controversial claim, netizens wrote:

symplybams commented:
“Na to dey hug from the back make our heart no touch each other😂”

jonwickvii wrote:
“Na wah sha, but the crazy part is the fact y’all keep posting her for content and it’s free publicity for her irrespective of how much joke you make in the comment section…”

onyibest68 wrote:
Which kind yeye talk be this”

mrgk244 wrote:
“Arrest this lady”

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