Saturday 12 February 2022

Alakija Bridge, Mile2-Okoko: Be Careful Of This Route (Pictures)


If you live in Lagos and you ply through Mile2-Okoko regularly, read through this info!

This is Alakija bridge (coming from mile2).

The top of this bridge has now become a robbery point for aboki bike riders (NOT ALL OF THEM) .

This is the trick... Ones you board their bike from mile2 or wherever mainly at night. They will pretend as if they want to take the normal lane(green mark) and on approaching the demarcation between the ground lane and the bridge, they will swerve on to the bridge where their other gang members are standing waiting for victims. So they will immediately descend on you with different types of weapons and dispossess you of all your valuables.

How do I know..
1.They robbed my neighbor of his phone and other valuables December 15th and January 12th. 

2. A friend also told me about his experience but he was lucky enough to have jumped off the bike without being injured.

3. We have heard different stories from victims.

Be vigilant folks.

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