Thursday 10 February 2022

“How my wife made sure I got a scholarship abroad after she told the EU that she couldn’t leave without me” – Nigerian man shares amazing story


A Germany-based Nigerian Lawyer has taken to his social media page to narrate how his lovely wife changed his life for the better.

According to the man, the fact that he is currently in Europe is solely due to his wife’s valiant effort to extend her scholarship offer to him when he was least expecting it.


The lovely story has garnered many retweets and the woman has received encomiums from other social media users

Read his story below ;

I met my girlfriend late 2018, I just finished NYSC, and good for me the law firm I served in retained me but my probation extended through to the end of 2018. During this period, my girl friend was earning 150% higher than my salary, and she knew. (I became aware of hers later)

2020, she got a two-year master scholarship to study in Europe and she was definitely not planning to come back to Nigeria. She encouraged me to apply for masters abroad too which I did and got several admissions without scholarship. When the news of her scholarship came,

I was happy for her, she applied for her visa and was waiting for her interview date and that was when I thought Omo, I needed to take the relationship to another level, so I asked her ‘would it be a good idea we get married before you leave so I could visit whenever we want ?’

At least, we thought marriage would be a good reason to approve a visit visa. And luckily she agreed and I started meeting her family members gradually. I was at work on a Monday and saw an email from the German embassy confirming receipt of my visa application I thought All these scammers have started, my girlfriend’s call followed asking if I received any email from the embassy I said yes o and she said I should start imagining myself in Europe. I almost cried. She told me later all she had to do to ensure that we leave together even without my knowledge, in her words, ‘I don’t know what will happen to us if she leave’s me behind’ one of the most risky things she did was tell the EU that gave the scholarship that she couldn’t leave without her husband, because we newly wedded and EU obeyed her and ensured that we traveled together same day. I’m in Europe today because of a kind woman (my wife @IAmDebbyBrown ) that not only believed in me and loved me but did all she could possibly do to show it. She went extra miles and I mean extra extra. Then I knew the power of a woman when she truly wants something.

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