Monday 21 March 2022

Meet Musa Muminah Who Broke 38-Year-Old ABU Record And Came Out With First Class


A 22-year-old lady, identified as Musa Muminah Agaka from Kwara state has made history at the Ahamdu Bello University (ABU), Zaria after graduating with first class.

Muminah Agaka from Kwara state shattered a 38-year-old record by bagging a first-class degree from the department of sociology during the 2020/2021 academic session.

Due to the significance the feat carried, many would have imagined she entered university with a goal to at least graduate with a first-class, but the 22-year-old never had that in mind, as she would reveal in an interview 

Her mum who worked as a health attendant automatically became the breadwinner, caring for 5 children all alone. Muminah said she had to do menial jobs to support her mum and it was out of her own volition. “It was the need to support my mum that led me to start selling things (though I was never forced to do so)…The first thing I remember selling was cocoa (one sweet Bonvita…Then later veils, materials, okirikas, so many things …I also did henna artwork and still do this, she said."

She said breaking the 38-year-old record was never her intention The serial entrepreneur told that she never entered ABU with the intention of bagging first-class, let alone shattering a record that has stood for 38 years. According to her, she was only focused on doing well at school to encourage her mum.

And recalled an emotional moment she had 5.0GPA in her 300 level and the reaction of her mother. “…The drive for the quest of me breaking the record popped up when I had a 5.0GPA and I saw that bright light on my mother’s face ….Not the first of its kind actually, but that very day it came with tears…I feel so happy and wished to see more of that.”

Muminah admitted achieving the feat came with lots of sacrifices. Muminah shares her study routine On her study routine in school, Muminah said she read mostly at night and usually took break from studying on weekends. She also engages in 3 hours discussions with her course mates on what they were taught in class. The discussion is taken online on social media platform WhatsApp in the event that a physical meeting is not possible. The brilliant lady shared another trick that helped her in school.

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