Monday 21 March 2022

“You’re an embarrassment to mankind” – Reality star, Jackie B’s son tells her after he spotted her twerking (video)


Big Brother Naija star, Jackie Bent, has shared her son Nathan’s reaction when he spotted her twerking.

The brand influencer and mother of one was trying to create content for a brand, so she decided to twerk to spice up the video.

On seeing her, the inquisitive little boy asked his mum if anyone had asked her to twerk, and in response she said, “nobody asked me to twerk. “Then why are you doing it?” He asked further.

She then went on to ask Nathan if she was embarrassing her with her dance moves, and Nathan gave a rather shocking response. He told his twerking mum that she wasn’t embarrassing him but mankind.

“You’re embarrassing every mankind”, he said. 

Sharing the video on her Insta-stories, Jackie wrote, “What content creating is like in my household”.

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In other news, it was a proud mommy moment for Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, as her one-year-old son Ire participated in inter-house sport activities in his school for the first time.

The mom-of-one took to her Instagram page to share a video of her fighting to hold back tears as she watched her son compete in a race in the school event that took place recently.

According to her, it was a wonderful experience for her and she couldn’t believe her little boy of yesterday is old enough to now display his creativity before an audience. The young champ will turn two in August.

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