Wednesday 29 June 2022

Chacha Eke’s Husband, Austin Faani Calls Her Bluff, Claims He Has Never Been Violent


Actress, Chacha Eke Faani’s Husband, Austin has labeled his estranged wife a liar and claims that he has never been violent.

It will be recalled that Chacha Eke Faani made the headline yesterday morning after she announced that her marriage to Austin Faani, her husband 9 has ended on the grounds of domestic violence.

The new development comes exactly 2 years after she initially disclosed that she was being domestically abused by her husband but later tied it to a health-related issue – bipolar disorder.

In the length post, Chacha advised ting ladies out there to leave their toxic marriages or end up getting killed.

Reacting to all these, Austin has now come forward to refute such claims. He also maintained that he has never been violent towards her.

 Mr. Faani did not fail to mention that everyone close to their family can attest to it.


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