Monday 6 June 2022

FFK’s ex-wife, Precious finally reunites with her children after several pleas to see her kids (Photos/Video)


Precious, the estranged wife of former aviation minister Femi Fani-Kayode, is undoubtedly overjoyed as she reunites with her children after a two-year separation.

The former beauty queen, whose 6-year marriage to the politician hit the rock in 2020, claimed FFK denied her access to see her children ever since. She has taken to social media several times, most of the time in tears, to beg to see her children.

Since their marriage ended in 2020, Fani Kayode and Precious Chikwendu have been locked in a legal battle over custody of their four children.


However, in a recent development, it appears the pair have settled their differences regarding co-parenting.

Precious was finally allowed to see her children over the weekend, and the video of their heartwarming moment was shared on FFK’s Instagram page.

“My sons spent the day with their mother yesterday! What a beautiful sight it was! Love, peace and joy all around! Thanks be to God. @snowhiteey , Thanks Mama Aragorn”. He captioned the video.

Precious, on her part, shared photos from the event and thanked her estranged husband for giving her the opportunity to reunite with their kids.

She added that Fani-Kayode has had a change of mind and is working on a peaceful co-parenting process so that the children grow up with equal amounts of love and care from both parents.

Dear All,
Overtime I have learnt to keep my peace and focus on the things I aspire to achieve in my youthfulness rather than the ones that would derail me from my path, but I have to keep everyone updated on what is currently going on especially for the people who have constantly prayed and fought with me when I was going through the worst time in my life.

As a mother, my greatest prayer is being able to hug my kids , play with and spend time with them no matter how little the time. Bearing in mind that God gave me a basic assignment in their lives as a watchman. This is a win for us all, I have gone from not seeing them AT ALL for 2years to spending a few hours (Play Date)with them and also tending to one who wasn’t well as at the time i was reached. That is all that it is currently, but I believe their Father has a change of mind and is working out a process for a peaceful coparenting as wars always have a long lasting effect to both parties regardless .
Please be patient with me as I am basking in this little joy and win for a little longer as well as soaking it all in as I figure a way to put all issues to rest without drama.

Thank you all so very much for the messages and well wishes. Thanks to my concerned elders. Their Father (through his aides) and some good people around him are in talks to see to it that my children grow up having balanced love and affection from both sides. I am hoping this leads to an end in media wars and to a peaceful coparenting as we move on to achieve our various destinies apart .
Precious Chikwendu”. She wrote on Instagram.

Watch video below,

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