Monday 6 June 2022

These Adulthood Realities Give Us Nostalgia About Our Childhood Privileges


While still a child, we had no burden and all our needs were well taken care of without us contributing anything to the expenses; we didn’t know what Adulthood was like as we only had to make requests which would further be granted by our parents without telling us what it took them to put smiles on our faces. Now that we’ve become adults, we’ve started realizing that comfort comes at a great cost which oftentimes than not leaves us in discomfort. Some time ago I came back from Work feeling so tired and still had nothing to show for it, I became sober and went into my Grandma’s room to ask her “Ma! Why didn’t you people tell me that this is how demanding adulthood is? Why was I not told on time? I would have come prepared!!” 


Lade; the beautiful voice behind the famed Airtel 444 advert theme song just released a new song which has been making waves on the Internet titled “Adulthood Anthem (Adulthood Na Scam)” in which she reminisced about our Childhood worry-free life which has been stolen from us by adulthood. This brings us to the theme of the Article which is on the Adulthood Realities that give us Nostalgia About our Childhood days. Lade – Adulthood Anthem.

Back in the days when we were still kids, it was always guaranteed that we’ll come back home from school to a Lunch, if it starts to rain, we would be out dancing under the rain not minding the risk of illness we were exposing ourselves to. Whenever we fall sick and we’re given drugs, we’ll take some and throw some away, not minding the cost of the drugs. Try this Now as an Adult! Just A reminder of the cost alone would discourage such a thought. Now think about the pay cut you’ll be getting for being absent from work for too long (as a result of you throwing away your drugs without getting fully well), you wouldn’t dare try that now as an Adult.

As kids, pocket money was sure for us, money for the little things that meant a lot to us back then. The thought of saving rarely crossed our minds because of the certainty that another pocket money from our Dad will land as the current one finishes.

Who paid house rent as a kid? Did any of us as kids worry about paying our house rents, paying the electricity bills, stocking the house with foodstuffs, worrying about school fees, and buying clothes for celebrations like Christmas and Eid el-Fitr, as our parents did? NO, we didn’t.

Adulthood came with a lot of eye-opening realities as Lade mentioned in her song “Adulthood Anthem (Adulthood na scam)”. “If you no get, na you sabi” just as it is, everybody has the struggles they face as adults, the struggles that come with adulthood, every man for themselves.
Take me back to the days when it was just to play and sleep! This adulthood came too soon. The days when the sight of a visitor in the house gave us joy because of that money they’d give us as they leave. The days we kept Mummy’s change for those extra snacks we want to buy in school the next day. Those times when we played football on the streets with the kids from the other street. The usual games we were fond of as kids, the likes of “suweh, after round one, mini minimanimo, who is in the garden, police and thief..” the list goes on and on.

As an adult now, there’s no lunch automatically waiting in the pot for us at home. If we don’t work, we can’t earn money, If we don’t earn money, we can’t cook and if we can’t cook, there’s no food waiting for us in the pot. Do you get the gist now? There’s no “Free money” for us as adults now, the way it was for us as kids. We’re now stuck in the triangle of Job (hustle)—Money—Survival.

The way life was when we were kids cannot be compared to how life is now that we are adults, there’s a visible difference. We can all agree that life now as adults are difficult and can only be survived with a lot of necessities that we have to acquire for ourselves. It is no longer the usual system of getting money from our parents to take care of ourselves. Now, we have to work to get money to reciprocate the care and support they showered on us as kids.

This is something every one of us can relate to, we can all say that adulthood has brought a lot of responsibilities to us we never worried about as kids. Our silent prayer is that we all be able to take on those responsibilities without difficulty. Adulthood might be a scam but it’s definitely up to all of us to make it worthy as we live through it.

Over to You! What Adulthood Reality Gives you Nostalgia About your Childhood experiences/privileges?


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