Sunday, 24 July 2022

2023: Why Kwankwaso Cannot Work For Tinubu - Penguin2

 Now, a lot of rhetorics has been flying around of the possibility of Kwankwaso working for Tinubu but I want to debunk that speculation and state why it’s practically impossible for Kwankwaso to work for Tinubu.

Before I say anything further, I want to state that anything is possible and I’m giving room for eventualities. However, the submission(s) in this piece is purely from empirical, sociological and political point of view as informed by the dictates of the Nigerian society of today.

With the above position stated, now let’s continue . Happy Sunday anyways.

The reason Kwankwaso cannot work for Tinubu is simply because it will be the end of his political career. 

Let’s put it this way, imagine Peter Obi stepping down for Atiku under whatever guise or calculation. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever take him serious again, ever. He will never have this kind of momentum around him again. You know why? Because people will say, “who knows who he will step down for this time?”

That’s the position Kwankwaso finds himself in the north.

The southern media may not be reporting it but Kwankwaso is making big inroads in the north. And those supporting him are doing so because they believe in what he did in the past and that he can replicate it if he becomes president. This is amongst other reasons they support him. 

Now, imagine him stepping down for Tinubu… do you think his supporters will ever take him serious? Oh! You want to remind northerners are different and may not see it the way Peter Obi supporters would see it? Why? Because they have no minds of their own? Die that talk.

If Kwankwaso would ever step down from the race, it would be for Atiku. And the justification would be for northern interest just like Tambuwal argued. I’m sure his supporters would relate to that more than they would if he was to step down for Tinubu.

So, in my estimation, even though on personal level, Kwankwaso might wanna help Tinubu win the election, but for the sake of pride and for his political future in the north and amongst his supporters, I envisage Kwankwaso being on the ballot till the end of the elections.

Penguin is a bird of reason!


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