Sunday 31 July 2022

Gov. Soludo sparks reactions as he joins Anambra indigenes on monthly sanitation

 Anambra State Governor, Charles Soludo, has gotten people talking online after he joined the people of his state on their monthly sanitation exercise on Saturday, July 30.

In photos shared on Facebook, the governor did the dirty work and used a shovel to pack dirt out of a gutter.


Gov. Soludo sparks

He captioned the photos,

“We do not make excuses for things undone or wait for perfect conditions to get things right.

This morning, I joined ndα»‹ Anambra on our end of the month sanitation exercise. It is a civic responsibility, and part of the collective ownership we must show to matters of the environment.

Never mind I did it the “village boy” way. When you are Charley Nwa Mgbafor, it takes a lot to outgrow the mannerisms that comes with it.

Top of the morning to you all.”

See more photos below,

The post has since garnered different reactions, both positive and negative, from social media users.

See some comments below,

@valentineiyoyojie wrote,

“The new way be this o…. all for the gram and media.. its well…”

@tonyparker5001 wrote,

“Nonsense go and repair roads make you drop shovel all na for show show πŸ’―

@interiorbyben01 wrote,

“You see why we need vibrant person to lead by examplesπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

@spark_lero wrote,

“For those of you saying it’s a scope yen yen yen, his a governor already, he could have decided to seat in the governor’s house chilling with all the wonderful appliances the governor’s house posses, but no! He choose to be on the streets of anambra to create a wonderful example to the people of anambra, I like that, his not doing it for the sake of politics, remember his the governor already, this same man celebrated his birthday with the prisoners at awka few days ago, same man is bringing back security to anambra state, his only a man, doing his best, and I believe he will deliver! Its barely 3 to 4 months since he became the governor, his doing good for now at least, till he decides otherwise.”

@evayoungbiz wrote,

“Some people commenting like he is about to contest. He just started his tenure so he is not trying to impress anyone. This picture is only to encourage laborers, appearing there and taking pictures with them is an effort as a governor. Don’t expect him to do the work, it’s picture and it’s for publicity. It is what it is.
As my governor, we voted him, we are proud of his little efforts and will support him all the way. It is barely a year and so he can’t make magic. He will take it step by step and that’s on periodt!”

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