Wednesday 13 July 2022

Watch: Is This The Worst Miss In The History Of Football?

 See the moment Valour FC's William Akio clears his own team-mate's would-be goal off the line during their Canadian Premier League game against HFX Wanderers.

William Akio was the culprit of the day as he somehow stopped the ball from going in just when his team looked to have gone ahead.

While the game was fairly routine, the miss from Akio managed to capture the world’s attention, with many fans baffled at how such a miss could occur in the first place.

Footage of the incident has since been shared by Canada Premier League and it gets more unbelievable the more you watch it. 

At the time of the incident, the scores were locked at 0-0 and in the 18th minute, Valour created a golden chance for themselves. The ball was then fired into the penalty area from the left-hand flank and one Alessandro Riggi was the target man.

Opposition goalkeeper Christian Oxner tried to quell the ball, but Riggi managed to get a shot away which squirmed past Oxner and the ball was on its way to crossing the line. Riggi’s momentum took him inside the net and he could do nothing to follow up on his shot, and as the ball was creeping in, up stepped Akio, who seemed to clear the ball.

From the clip, the commentator is equally as baffled as he can be heard saying: "I don't think I've ever seen that before," said the bemused commentator as he watched a replay. "That is clearly going in. He's kept that out himself."

Fans who watched the footage online are now calling on investigations into the incident.

"You've just got to laugh about it" Akio analyzes his now viral miss

In a video posted on his YouTube channel, the striker details what was going through his mind in the build-up to the now-infamous moment, and also reveals that he has been ‘absolutely bashed’ on social media and even by some friends and family.

Despite it all, Akio maintains a positive attitude: “I’m just trying to go through the motions and let everything pass on by,” he says. “it’s how you get over it, and how you respond the next game. Simple as that. “

Akio clarifies that he wasn’t trying to steal the goal from his teammate Alessandro Riggi, who thought he had bagged one over his former team. He also makes it clear that the fluffed hit was not related to match-fixing by any means, either: “It just happened so fast in the moment, and it was one of the worst misses in history,” he says.

"Riggi gets a touch on it and it goes over the keeper. It’s trickling in, and at this moment everything is slow moment for me. I’m just thinking we scored a goal, we’re up early, I’m just going to run, smash the ball, celebrate with my boys, and pick up Riggi because he fell into the net,” explains Akio in the video. 

“As I get to ball, I don’t know what happened. I just blanked out a little bit. The ball hit the left side of my toe, and it literally just went straight out and I was trying to smash it into the side netting. It’s very, very embarrassing. There’s not much I can do about it now. I’ve just got to laugh about it. It is what it is.”

Despite the terrible miss, Akio’s time with Valour has been largely successful: he’s the club’s second all-time top goalscorer behind Moses Dyer, who eventually bagged the match's winning goal with a well-placed strike later on.

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