Sunday 28 August 2022

BBNAIJA7: Biggie Disqualifies Amaka From Participating In Supa Komando Task Following Disobedience || See Video


Amaka has been disqualified from participating in today’s Supa Komando Task.

Biggie had asked the housemates to strike a superhero pose with their Supa Komando energy drinks.

Amaka decided to rebel, as she turned to the kitchen to prepare herself some food, while totally ignoring Biggie’s instructions for the umpteenth time this week.

She also made no attempt to change into her task fit, even when her colleagues called her attention to it.

 As a reward for her disobidience, Biggie has disqualified her from performing in today’s task.

See posts below;

Do y’all think that Amaka has forgotten her place in Biggie’s house?


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