Sunday 21 August 2022

Being an ol0sho is better than being a graduate in Nigeria — Prophet Solomon Adelana

 Popular Nigerian Prophet, Oba Solomoni, has averred that being a commercial sex worker pays more than being a University Graduate in Nigeria these days.

He said this in his recent live video where he bemoaned the situation of things in the country.

According to the controversial prophet, the value of going to school is hardly noticed because the jobs that come out of being a graduate don’t pay enough and when a graduate eventually retires, it’s not guaranteed that he/she will get pension.


In his words ;

When I think about Nigeria, I cry, especially for you graduates, I cry everyday.

You wake up everyday and suffer to go to school, they get a Job and they get owed salaries, they live like that until they retire and when they retire they have no pension.

Why then did they go to school?

The way it is, Olosho (prostitute) is better than a Graduate in Nigeria.

I cry for graduates.

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