Tuesday 30 August 2022

Groom frowns at photographer for holding his bride ‘inappropriately’ during photo shoot session (Video)

 The moment a groom rebuked a photographer for holding his bride “inappropriately” during a photo shoot was captured in a video that has gone viral.

In the viral clip, the couple were dressed—the bride in a flowing white wedding gown, and the groom in his black suit, ready to tie the knot when they decided to take photos before heading to their wedding venue.


In an effort to show the groom intimate poses to strike with his wife, the photographer gripped the bride by the waist and slightly tilted his head towards her neck, as if to give her a peck.

The groom, who wasn’t pleased with how the photographer was holding his wife, immediately objected and pulled the photographer away from her.

Watch video below,

See hilarious reactions the video garnered as you scroll.

@tc_jewelries, “Wat nonsense is he joking smmmmh the groom 🤵 get chill sef”.

@allets712, “The groom suppose used cord hit the guy neck 😂”.

@tallbosschic, “Photographer don pass territory😂😂😂”.

@oma_brainy, “That was too much, just describe what u need him to do plz. Hian!”

In other news, a Nigerian businesswoman, identified simply as Adeola, has taken to Twitter to berate her boyfriend over his ‘poor’ cooking skills.

The young lady said her boyfriend told her he wants to prepare a sumptuous meal for her so she sat back and relaxed, while snacking on ice cream and cheese balls.

When he finished cooking and served the meal, Adeola said she was utterly disappointed in him for breaking the spaghetti into small pieces.

She jokingly added that she has ‘sent him back to his father’s house for retraining’ because women are no longer condoning the barest minimum from their partners.

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