Tuesday 2 August 2022

“I’m not Nigerian, I’m from Israel” – Actor Kenneth Aguba explains why he’s bent on marrying an Israeli virgin (Video)


Veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Aguba, has finally explained why he is set on marrying a virgin from Israel.

It would be recalled that the Nollywood star who was recently rescued from the streets and given a home by popular clergyman and philanthropist, Apostle Chibuzor, raised eyebrows after he revealed the kind of woman he desires to marry, after the pastor promised to find him a wife and sponsor their wedding.


Apostle Chibuzor disclosed that while a widow agreed to marry Aguba, he’s insisting that he’ll only marry a virgin from Israel.

“I spoke to women, widows who also live in the OPM estate but non showed interest in marrying the actor, except for one. She is a widow and single mom and she agreed to stay with him and to bear children for him, but he refused and said he wants a virgin”. Apostle Chibuzor said.

Speaking on why he’s bent on marrying an Israeli virgin in a recent interview with Lucky Udu, Aguba revealed that he’s also not from Nigeria, hence he prefers to marry someone from the same race as him.

According to the veteran, he is not an Igbo man nor a Nigerian but hails from Israel. Speaking further, he noted that although it might take time, he would only marry an Israeli virgin.

Watch him speak below,

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