Thursday 18 August 2022

It’s rude for your partner’s mom to expect you to join her in the kitchen on your first meeting — Nigerian lady

 A Nigerian lady has stirred mixed reactions on social media after she said it’s rude for a lady’s prospective mother-in-law to expect her to assist in the kitchen on her first visit.

Taking to Twitter, @toni_aa said ladies should be treated as a guest when she visits her partner’s family for the first time and should not be expected to do any chore in the house.

She tweeted,

 “I think it’s actually rude for you to meet your partners mum for the first time and she expects you to help her in the kitchen like ma, im a guest?”

Nigerian lady

Her tweet has gotten people talking online with many disagreeing with her stance.

See how some reacted below,

@tinukeadekanbi wrote, “I’m sure in your mind you made some sense.
However, certain things you don’t need to be told, it’s just courtesy.
We can choose not go greet anyone “Good morning” forever, it’s not statutory, rather it’s just courtesy owing to the norms, traditions and values we’re born into.”

@mahe2sweet wrote, “Sometimes she could be showing you acceptance, in her own way. She is treating you the way she treats other female children. It’s love, it’s not an expectation of servitude”

@dapistokyo wrote, “This is a form of bonding and to see your kitchen etiquette. Many women will fail this test. You’re trying to prove to his mother your wife material. You’re suppose to be trying to impress his mother, not come over for a free meal.”

@just_kandyce wrote, “She’s treating you as family. Not as a guest. Take it as a compliment.”

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