Tuesday 9 August 2022

Movie Review: Why newly married couples should see ‘Vanity’


With a very welcoming first scene, Vanity is a movie recommend for all families to sit, watch and digest.

Vanity is a Stepheny Acholonu-Onabiyi film.

The movie tells the story of an accomplished career lady, Ify (played by Jemina Osunde), from Enugu who gets married to Kobi played by Uzor Arukwe and relocates to Lagos with him. 

Ify is put under pressure by her supposed feminist husband to get a job and contribute to the family budget, because he paid a huge pride price and was also extorted by her family members during their traditional marriage.


Now Kobi is very keen on Ify’s active participation on making good use of her intimidating CV to get a job as soon as possible which leaves him overbearing most of the time.

She is forced to deal with emotional abuse, battling settling down in a new town, as well as prenatal depression.

Ify pulled through with the prenatal depression and emotional abuse but that becomes the beginning of her worse night mare.

Vanity teaches couples to always have certain conversations about when to start welcoming kids, finances and plan B, in case  certain things didn’t go the way they had planned.

You have to communicate and understand your partner so you know what it is they want for their life because getting married is being of service to the next person. Also, men need to understand that no pregnancy is the same, hence sacrifice is necessary.

For great production, engaging storytelling, pictures quality, sound  a stellar performance, Vanity ticked all boxes.

Arukwe, Jemima and Chinyere Wilfred deserve an ovation for delivering all lines perfectly! 


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