Sunday 21 August 2022

Why You Feel Remorseful After Certain Sexual Activities


God's design is that all forms of sexual pleasure should be shared between a married man and his female wife inside the safe confines of their marriage institution, with no other party involved

Therefore, any other sexual activity contrary to God's design is sinful and wrong, and a lot of people feel bad and dirty after indulging in them.

These sexual activities includes:

1. Premarital sex (fornication). Having sex when you are not married. 1 Corinthians 6: 18

2. Extramarital Sex (Adultery). Having sex with someone other than your own spouse. Exodus 20:14; Proverbs 6:32-34

3. Homosexuality: Sexual relations between members of same gender, like lesbianism (which is between females) and gayism (which is between males). Romans 1:26-32

4. Pornography And Masturbation. Deriving sexual pleasure from seeing the unclothedness of others; Playing with your sexual organs for sexual pleasures. 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4

5. Other Immoral Sexual Acts like smooching someone not your married spouse, sextings and the rest of them. Colossians 3:5

One of the major reasons you feel remorseful after doing something wrong is because you have a conscience. God created you and purposefully inserted your conscience inside you as one of His instruments to regulate your actions. He did this because of love. So that, whether you are a believer or not, you won't go on taking dangerous steps that will bring you into harm.

Now, if your conscience is dead and you don't feel bad after doing wrong and sinful things, you are close to destruction. Hence, you should quickly declare a state of emergency over your life, and run to Jesus for help right now. Simply call upon the Name of Jesus RIGHT NOW, and ask Him to show you mercy.

If you have indulged in sexual immorality, repent and ask the LORD for mercy. It gets easier as you get closer to Jesus, giving your attention to spiritual things only. Study the Bible more, pray and fast often, etc. You can contact me if you need assistance.

Finally, the flesh is weak, and the devil will always want you to indulge in sin so you can destroy yourself. Therefore, avoid people, things and places that keeps pushing you into sinful things.

The LORD comes...

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