Saturday 17 September 2022

ANAP Foundation Pre-Election Survey An Energy Booster, Says ‘Obidient’ Movement


As opposition candidates cry foul over the NOI polls which puts Peter Obi ahead of two other major contestants for the 2023 presidential poll, the media office of the Obi-Datti campaign is relishing the result, saying the poll by ANAP Foundation, a frontline international agency is a stimulus for the obidient family to do more work ahead of 2023 elections.

A statement from the Obi-Datti Campaign said the OBIdient family is not a tribal, religious geopolitical platform but honest Nigerians determined by the single desire to take -back their country. 

The statement urged all Obidients to remain focused on gaining the big prize in 2023 and see the present recognition as a call to action.
The statement reads in part:

“For us in the Obidient family, our primary task is to take back Nigeria and rebuild it. To achieve this Herculean mission every observation, either in the form of surveys or public criticisms of our efforts are a welcome development as such views provide us with further knowledge of our weaknesses and strengths.

“Obidient Movement remains devoid of religious, tribal and geographical inhibitions but with the report, some lessons have been picked on some vital areas for more efforts.

‘Taking back Nigeria’ which is the unmistaken goal of the Obi-Datti candidacy is a task that must be done if we still desire a strong country, and it should involve everybody of all classes and creeds who are pained by the state of our dear nation. All efforts therefore must be done to bring all progressive minds onboard.

“Even if we have grey areas in the report, our responsibility is to pick the lessons therein and remain focused with our eyes glued to the ball while noting the credibility of the organization (ANAP Foundation) that conducted the survey”

“The Obidient Movement then charges their members across the country especially support groups to study the report diligently with a view to utilizing it for the advancement of the course of taking back our county.

Always remain Obidient and focused for a new Nigeria”, the statement reads.

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