Friday 30 September 2022

How Tinubu And Atiku's Activities & Parties Differ

 It was Benjamin Franklin who said "For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned"

Nigeria is so disorganized at the moment that handing it back to unprepared and disorganized people will simply destroy her completely.

Today, non state actors are threatening to kidnap a sitting president, going as far as attacking members of his advance team and subsequently the Brigade of Guards the last line of presidential defence.

Because every PVC matters we have put together this simple comparison to help you make an informed choice about Nigeria's two main political party and their candidates


APC Convention - Postponed

PDP Convention- Held as scheduled

Presidential Primaries

APC Presidential Primary - Postponed

PDP Presidential Primary- Held as scheduled

Naming of VP candidates

APC Naming of V.P Candidate - Postponed, place holder later named

PDP Naming of V.P Candidate - Candidate Named and submitted as scheduled.

Unveiling of VP candidates

APC Unveiling of V.P Candidate - Postponed

PDP Unveiling of V.P Candidate - Unveiled as scheduled

Presidential Campaign Council

APC Release of Campaign Council - Postponed

PDP Release of Campaign Council - Released as scheduled

Inauguration of Campaign Council

APC Inauguration of Campaign Council - Postponed indefinitely

PDP Inauguration of Campaign Council- Inaugurated as scheduled

Launch of Campaign On INEC Timetable

APC Launch of Campaign on the INEC approved date - Postponed

PDP Launch of Campaign on the INEC approved date - Commenced as Scheduled

Peace Accord

APC Signing Of Peace Accord- Presidential Candidate Missing.

PDP Signing Of Peace Accord - Presidential Candidate First to Arrive.

If you are looking for a political party and a presidential candidate that is prepared with the capacity to RESET and reorganize Nigeria look no further than the PDP and H.E Atiku Abubakar.

A vote for any mushroom or upcoming party is an indirect vote for the APC, a failed party responsible for the current mess.

May God Help Us to Help Ourselves In 2023 & May God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dr. Oche Otorkpa (FRSPH-UK)

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