Saturday 17 September 2022

Lady shares pictures of herself before and after she stopped “carrying marriage on her head”

 A woman has gone viral on social media after she shared a video collage of photos documenting how she looked when she was married and what she looks like now as a Divorcee.

According to the woman, she used to carry marriage on her age and from the pictures she took within that period, she did not look so good.

However, her physical appearance after she’d left the marriage changed for the better and people have now praised her for taking the decision to leave.

Sharing the video on her Tiktok Page, she wrote ;

 Life doesn’t depend on marriage 🥲dear is more to life outside marriage

See the video below –

See some reactions culled from the post ;

datgurl_ti – Some kind marriages go make person think twice. God Abeg

itz_jaynifar – In this life just to what makes you happy. Marriage won’t take anybody to Heaven, so if it’s no longer giving you peace of mind, choose another path. And if you’ve been blessed in marriage, don’t think you are better than others, na Baba God run am for you.

Sonia –

Generally marriage takes a lot of commitment and yes some women may loose themselves lf the marriage demands efforts more than it’s required for three 9-5 jobs combined to get going. Better to live life than die trying

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