Sunday, 11 September 2022

Man casually proposes to his girlfriend in car then asks her to say ‘thank you’ (video)


A couple have gone viral on social media after the man casually proposed to his girlfriend by passing her a ring and telling her to wear it.

The man gave his lover the ring before telling the woman that he won’t kneel because that’s how African men propose.

He also asked her to say “thank you” after she accepted the ring.

“Oya carry, take,” he said as he gave her the ring.

“Put it on your finger,” he gave a further instruction after the woman collected the ring and she obeyed. 

He then went on saying ;

“There’s no point kneeling down. That is the way we African men engage people.”

He then told her to express astonishment and thank him.

“Say wow,” he told her after she wore the ring.

After she responded, he told her to say “thank you.”

“Thank you sir,” the lady replied.

See the video below ;

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