Saturday 15 October 2022

How I Cooked Warri Plantain Peppersoup (ukodo)

 I am a warri boy, and I love cooking cheesy

I had been craving for plantain peppersoup and mumsi recently sent me some unripe plantain so I decided to give it a go.

Red pepper, yellow pepper
Scent leaves
Old layer chicken
Dried catfish
Round smoked fish
Big crayfish


Peel plantains and cut each into three. Soak in cold water. Pluck head off all big crawfish. Throw heads of crayfish into a blender with the pepper (red and yellow) and onions. Blend.
Wash chicken and parboil with Benny chicken flavor, maggi, sliced onions, curry, a pinch of salt and a little thyme.


When chicken is well cooked and stock is formed, add in round smoked fish, dried catfish and big crawfish. Let it boil a little while and add the blended pepper paste.
When that boils up start adding your seasoning. For me, well ground ginger, supreme pepper soup spices and maggi naija pot only. The chicken stock brings all the saltiness and flavour you need.
Throw in your plantain and allow to boil for about 20 mins. Slice your scent leaves and put it in. Give it a good mix and you're good to go!

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