Saturday 5 November 2022

Pastor Adeboye Criticises FG Over Plan To Redesign Naira


Pastor Enoch Adeboye has reacted to plan by the Central Bank of Nigeria to redesign the N200, N500, and N1,000 notes in spite of devaluing value of the currency and rising inflation in the country.

Adeboye who is the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), one of the largest Christian group in the country spoke at the end monthly Holy Ghost Congress of the Church.
While declaring his support for the CBN action, President Muhammadu Buhari said the redesign of the naira notes will help in reduction of inflation, currency counterfeiting and reduce the excess cash in circulation in the country.

However, speaking during RCCG’s Holy Service on Friday, Adeboye lamented that while the value of naira is on rapid fall, with many unable to afford the essentials of life, the government of thinking of ‘beautifying it’ 

He said, “You know what’s going on in our country. It doesn’t even make sense anymore. Our naira now is not even worth the paper it is printed on.

“And while people are hungry, trying to find enough money to buy bread to eat, our bosses are thinking of making the naira more beautiful, even if it can’t buy bread, at least, it will look beautiful. Oh Lord, have mercy,” he said.

He, however advised Nigerians to learn to take the problems besetting the country in their strides so as not to develop hypertension: “We have problems in the land now. Things seem to be getting funnier and funnier. If you don’t learn to laugh in Nigeria now, you will develop hypertension.

On 2023, Adeboye said God has not told him yet whether there will be an election in Nigeria as scheduled.

“Do you know that up till now, and this is November, up till now, Daddy (God) hasn’t told me yet that there is going to be an election next year?

“We continue of course as if there is going to be. I am saying that Adeboye, I am not talking of other people, God has not told me yet. The yet must be in capital (letters). He may tell me tomorrow; I don’t know but as of this moment, he hasn’t told whether or not there will be an election next year,” he said.

“I am not trying to frighten you. I am not a prophet, I am just a pastor,” he added.

But he said he will pray for any politician who comes to him for prayers as his duty is to pray, but only God answers.

Pastor Adeboye also announced a fast and prayer programme for Nigeria that will hold between November 26 and December 2, 2022.

“We will praise God for His patience over us and over our nation. Then, we will confess our sins, the sins of all of us who are called Christians…And then prayer point number three, we will ask Him (God) for mercy,” Adeboye said

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