Saturday 29 April 2023

Kodak Black Goes Viral with Nigerian Gospel Performance | WATCH

 The trending of American rapper Kodak on Nigerian social media spaces has definitely been an interesting one to follow.

In a captivating clip from his IG live session, the rapper was seen singing and vibing to a Nigerian gospel song word for word. This occurrence has captured the attention of many Nigerians, as it is quite uncommon for Kodak to exhibit such interest in the country’s gospel music.

Kodak, prior to the viral video, is popularly known for the rap genre and his distinct drill vibe. He is most often associated with songs that have hard hitting bass and have themes of hustling, money and power. His latest affinity for Nigerian gospel music is, thus, a welcomed change.

The video, although only a few seconds long, is enough to put a smile on the face of Nigerians, as it shows the rapper’s newfound appreciation for their music. It is also proof that songs of praise for the Almighty transcend language and culture. Kodak’s enthusiasm and joy as he sang further adds to the delight of many.

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