Wednesday 12 April 2023

VIDEO: Don Jazzy Narrowly Escapes Oncoming Vehicle in New York City


Don Jazzy, a Nigerian music executive, is currently in the United States, enjoying a vacation following a very eventful first quarter of 2023. During his stay in New York City, the renowned music mogul created an opportunity to seamlessly promote one of his signees’ new song,  Believe Me , while also showcasing his own singing skills.

Sharing a video that made its way online, Don Jazzy was seen singing the new single while walking on the streets of  New York.

Unfortunately, in the midst of his enjoyable performance, the music executive nearly got rammed by a moving vehicle while attempting to cross the road. Just in the nick of time, he was able to dodge the oncoming vehicle and hurriedly crossed to the other side of the pedestrian walkway.

Upon making it safely to the other side, he made the observation that he was not interested in getting involved in an accident and thanked God for His protection.

This heart-thumping experience could not stop Don Jazzy from completing his promotional task, as he ended his online interaction by telling fans to go stream the recently released single by Johnny Drille. The video of Don Jazzy’s performative journey went viral, subsequently increasing streams and creating more awareness for the single.

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