Thursday 6 April 2023

“You don’t have to sleep around to be successful” – Mandy Kiss says as she turns a new leaf, apologises for misleading young girls (Video)


Controversial Instagram influencer, Mandy Kiss has said that she has decided to leave her wild past behind and start fresh.

The content creator, who openly refers to herself as the “president of hookers,” in a video she shared online, opened up about her rebranding and her journey to being a better version of herself.


According to her, her past actions were driven by the need to make ends meet.

She apologized to the young ladies who had been misled by her contents while reassuring them that it’s possible to be successful without sleeping around.

She advised them to maintain their focus and resolve in order to succeed in the end.

“Do you know you can be successful without sleeping around? Do you know you can make it without involving yourself in prostitution?

“There is a lot of business you can do apart from sleeping around. I understand that everything is hard. I just want to tell you to be focused, to be determined no matter how hard it is you are going to make it”, Many Kiss said.

“Please don’t desist from being the good girl u are! You are beautiful!😍. You are perfect ! There are so many legal things we can do to put food on our table but you see those things I say pls don’t even try to believe them not to talk of practicing them 🙏 Be a good girl. I love you ❤️”, she added.

Watch video below,

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