Monday 12 June 2023

“They called Child protective services again to take away my kids” – Dancer Korra Obidi blows hot (Video)


US-based Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has taken to social media to lambast unnamed persons reporting her to Child Protective Service (CPS).

During a recent Instagram live session, the mother of two revealed that CPS officials recently visited her home again following reports made by some people.


She expressed frustration that despite her decision to stop posting her children on social media, certain individuals have persistently reported her to child protective services in an attempt to portray her as a bad mother.

She claimed that this time they accused her of locking up her children and physically abusing them.

An enraged Korra expressed confusion about what she has done to these people, as they seem determined to ensure her children are taken away from her.

She proceeded to vehemently lay curses on those responsible.

“They called Child Services again, claiming that I locked up my children and I’m beating them. Can you guys stop? Can you guys stop trying to make my life a living hell in America? You haven’t seen my children in months, but you continue to do these sick things… Calling child services and making my life miserable doesn’t make you any happier. You’ll still be a miserable, sad lunatic,” she said.

Watch her speak below,

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